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You Just Received the Keys to Your New Home! Now Make it Your Own!

You just received the keys to your new home and it’s time to set up for the next chapter in your life! There is the obvious of setting up of the family room, kitchen, bedrooms, maybe office space or basement. If moving with kids, well, their space tends to be everywhere. Now what about the adults individual space? Whether you are single moving into your new home, a couple or a family it is important that everyone has a place within the home to call theirs. A space to be able to dream, ponder, think, create or take a breather to just be and unwind.

What does such a space look like? It is different for every individual. Take some time to reflect what brings you peace; is it a place to read or do a puzzle quietly, is it a garage to do some woodwork or transform into a gym. A place for your hobbies or a porch area to ponder. Perhaps a nook with a comfy chair to dream or take 5 minutes to rejuvenate. Whatever it your space may look like it is an important key to bring balance and a happy lifestyle.

Where to begin to designate a personal space? A less used space such as in a dining room that is used for special occasions only and sits empty the remainder of the year. Perhaps set up a comfy chair with a side table, or a small desk to do crafts or write that book you have been thinking about. A bedroom that is not in use, or maybe the primary bedroom has extra space to personalize. Beside a fireplace for a relaxing and warm space. Near a window with natural light. Create a spa like bathroom for an at home retreat. Transform a storage closet into a nook for yourself. I have seen some amazing transformations of sheds for personal space that are used from gardening, yoga retreat, games room with TV to watch the sports game, an office, or make the shed a playhouse for the kids to go to so the house is quiet for a time. Your personal space could be on a back porch with lights and outdoor heater.

How to personalize it? Depending on the use of the space bring in elements that bring you peace and joy creating a quiet retreat for you. Whether it is a paint colour, favourite things, pictures, memorabilia, or even a comfy blanket. Think about the lighting you would like - bright or soft. Fun elements to bring a smile about in moments of need. Whatever you do make sure you have some fun with this as it’s meant for you to unwind bringing balance and a happy lifestyle.

Written by Britta Comeau (

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