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How to Improve Curb Appeal in the Spring!

Spring is here and the snow is melting! This is welcome news to most people. But if you are selling your home, it reveals all sorts of surprises that can have an impact on your home’s appeal.

Preparing the outside of your home for sale is a must and will have positive benefits at the offer table. Not sure what to do? Stand in front of your home and look at it through the eyes of a buyer… what do you see?

More likely than not, there are leaves and other debris that the wind left in your yard. Rake up garden debris and tidy those garden beds. Rake the sand and salt off the grass and sweep the sidewalk and driveway. Not only will you get some exercise but it will make your place look tidy and kept.

Did your dog leave you unwanted presents in the backyard over the long winter months? Wait for a sunny cold day and clean it up, or hire a service to do it for you. Many buyers go outside to take a look at the yard while on a showing.

Bring out the porch and lawn chairs. You want potential buyers to envision themselves outside in the summer months. Accessorize with some artificial or spring hardy plants. Touch up any areas that need painting and get the windows cleaned. Inspect your roof and gutters for any damage sustained over the winter.

And don’t forget to take down the Christmas lights!

Remember, a well kept home on the outside will inspire potential buyers to take the step inside, possibly into their future home! Add a new welcome mat to help them to take this first step.

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