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The Importance of Selflessness

As the New Year rang in many of us thought 2020 was going to be the best one yet. However, the world has been held captive by COVID-19 with many countries banning individuals from leaving their homes in hopes to slow the spread of the deadly virus. In times like these it’s easy to feel anxious, isolated, and scared. It’s fair to feel that way. Many people have been forced to halt their routines and everyday lives without promise things will return to normal any time soon. People are worried about food, money, providing for their families, and safety of their loved ones. At a time like this, it is necessary to stay positive! It is important to take a step back from the negativity and breathe. Look around you. Look at the person you forgot to thank for ringing your groceries through at the store. Thank them. Smile at them. Respect that they are putting their lives at risk to allow you to purchase food for your families. They are on the front lines. Respect the nurses, doctors, and heath care workers who are working night and day to protect and save those affected by the virus. They are giving their lives up to save everyone else’s. They are on the front lines. Respect the fast-food workers who are being paid minimum wage to be there and serve you your coffee in the morning with a smile. Thank them. They are on the front lines. Respect those risking their lives to allow you to continue to live yours.

It is important to remember to be selfless at a time like this. Everyone is all trying their best to get through it together. Help your elderly neighbor, help the single moms, give back to those helping you by continuing to work. We are all human.

We all have the ability to be compassionate and caring. This is the time to prove that we are. We have developed new technology, we have reduced pollution,

We have seen the importance of being sanitary. We have seen how important it is to be kind. We will come out of this stronger. Written by: Taylor Hall (

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