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Survival Tips For Working From Home With Kids

Today more than ever parents are having to juggle working from home while caring for kids at the same time. Although there is no secret to doing this successfully, here are 3 tips to make things a little easier on everyone.

1 – Routine & Time Block

We are all creatures of habit, and this is no truer than for our children. Maintaining a daily routine as well as labeling and discussing time blocks with kids can help everyone manage a bit better. Coordinate working with movies, screen time, or other activities that require minimal participation from parents. Setup self-serve snack stations so your children are empowered to help themselves, and in theory reduce the number of interruptions.

2 – Create Your “Pod”

Reach out to family members, friends, and other parents who are in the same situation. See if there is a consistent time throughout the week that they are able to support you by taking the kids for a walk or drive. Trade-off time with other parents who are in the same situation. There are plenty of activities that lend themselves perfectly to the current social distancing requirements. Section off your driveway so each child has their own box to colour and draw in with sidewalk chalk. Pull out the skipping ropes and water balloons!

3 – Communicate Needs & Have Grace With Yourself!

Be honest and realistic with the expectations you put on yourself as a parent. Communicate your needs and challenges with family and friends in order to brainstorm potential solutions, then present these solutions to your employer… maybe shifting that meeting by 30 minutes would make things significantly easier for you, or taking a 2-hour “break” to be present with your kids in the afternoon and then working from 8pm-10pm on independent tasks would make things better? These are uncharted waters that require us to think outside the box. Above all, have grace with yourself and just keep doing your best. We are all in this together!

Written By Laura Shortt (laura@jj.team)


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