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Get Your Home Winter Ready!

Fall is here and as the weather cools we begin to think about what we can do to get our house and property winterized. Here are some suggestions to make sure your home is ready for whatever winter throws our way!

Test Your Furnace! If you have not done so already, test your furnace to ensure it is working properly before you need it! Replace the air filter and inspect and clean heating vents.

Air Conditioner: Make sure it is clean and clear of all debris and cover the condensing unit.

Wood Burning Fireplace/Chimney: Clear any debris or obstructions, check your damper is working properly, check your chimney draft, and have it cleaned to prevent chimney fires.

Pipes: Turn off water to your exterior faucets from inside the house. Be sure to drain the water from any exterior faucets after you have done this. Insulate any exposed piping. Empty your garden hoses.

Windows & Doors: Check seals are good and there are no air leaks. Clear tracks of debris. Ensure they all close and lock properly.

Roof: Check shingles and flashing for any spots that might be missing or loose. Ensure your gutters & downspouts are clear of all leaves and debris.

Lawn: Aerate your turf, re-seed bare spots, get rid of those weeds, use a fall fertilizer, wrap tree trunks, and add mulch to your gardens.

Don’t forget to:

Cover any lawn furniture, or even better, store it inside if you can.

Seal or stain your wooden deck so it is resistant to winter water damage

Clean and seal concrete and paved surfaces

Drain gas from your lawn mower

Store away your garden tools

Clean and cover-up your barbecue

Stock up on salt/ice melters for your driveway and walk-ways

Written by: Tanya Chisling (

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