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Emergency Preparedness – What’s in Your Emergency Kit?

Statistically speaking, it is highly unlikely that you will ever be in the path of a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, flood or other weather-related events. However, there are still significant incidences that could be just as impactful. Perhaps a large-scale power outage, water table contamination or zombie apocalypse? What should you and your family have in your Emergency Kit at home should you be trapped in your house for an extended period of time?

1. First Aid Kit

2. Fire Extinguisher

3. Have cash on hand

4. Essential medications and eyeglasses

5. Flashlights and lots of batteries

6. Potable Water – approximately 4 litres/day/person – don’t forget to account for any pets!

7. Water purification tablets or bottle of bleach with eye dropper

8. Non-Perishable Food – power bars, boxed foods and canned goods (with a can opener!)–

ready to eat meals – again, don’t forget your pets! Have at least a week’s supply on hand.

9. Pocket knife/multi-purpose tool

10. Radio with lots of batteries

11. Wet wipes for cleaning

12. Hygiene products – toothpaste, toothbrush, feminine products, deodorant

13. Copies of personal documents in case you need to evacuate

14. Extra blankets

15. Whistle to signal for help

16. A set meeting place and a plan for how to get there should you not be able to get home.

17. How will you stay in touch during an emergency? Two-way radios?

Make sure you are stocked up BEFORE an emergency occurs! Replace items as they expire.

Ensure everyone in your family knows where your Emergency Preparedness Kit is stored.

Think about creating an Emergency Kit for your workplace in the event you get stranded at work.

Written by: Tanya Chisling (

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