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Easy Organizing Tips

Whether you’re undertaking some early spring cleaning or preparing your home for sale in 2020, few things are more satisfying than organizing and decluttering your personal space. Here are 3 tips to make it as easy and effective as possible!

Focus is key. Don’t expect yourself to organize the entire home in a day. Start with one room, one closet, or even one drawer and don’t move onto another space or task until you’re 100% done.

The 3 Box Method. Generally speaking, there are only 3 options when organizing and decluttering; keep, donate and recycle/garbage. Set up a box for each category. It eliminates having to deal with piles afterward... take the donate box direct to your local thrift shop or donation bin. Take your recycle/garbage box straight out to your garbage can and recycling bins. Take the items in your keep box and put them away.

Keep it real. Will you really fix the broken item you’ve been holding on to for years? Or is it just another project hanging over your head? It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll get around to it, or that an item you haven’t touched for years will actually come in handy this year! Be honest with yourself. If it’s something you haven’t touched (or started) in the last 18 months, and it is easily replaced, it’s probably time to let go. Happy organizing!

Written by: Laura Shortt (

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