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Don't Have a "Green Thumb"? Try These Plants for an Easy to Maintain and Great Looking Garden!

One of the easiest ways to ensure your home is always looking great is well maintained garden beds, especially at the entrance of your home. However we aren’t all blessed with a “green thumb”! Here are a few perennial options, meaning they will grow back year after year (so no need to keep planting every year!) which will keep your gardens looking fresh and require minimal care.

1 – Hostas thrive in a shady environment and will provide you with lush green foliage all summer long. There are many different varieties so you can easily mix different colours and sizes to create some interest. They also work great to border walkways or decks.

2 – Day Lilies are super low-maintenance. These are perfect for providing a pop of colour and are available in a wide variety of colours. They prefer a sunny location.

3 - Ornamental Grasses are the perfect fit if you tend to forget about watering. They are very drought resistant so prefer a dry spot to grow best. They can add quite a bit of height

to your garden and create a really dramatic effect.

Written By: Laura Shortt (

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