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Make Your Home Stand Out & Sell This Fall!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

The beauty of autumn is right around the corner. Gorgeous colours, cooler nights and the warm nostalgia of holiday gatherings often brings buyers out, searching for the perfect home to celebrate the season. Here are some helpful tips to prepare your home to sell in the fall market:

Outdoor Housekeeping

Buyers want to know your house is maintained regularly. Create a clean, fresh slate for by cleaning your gutters, trimming trees and branches, and clearing gardens. Always rake and bag leaves and debris. While patio furniture may still be okay for a few weeks, now is the time to give it a good clean before it is packed away. You may even be able to find some end-of-season deals on new pillows and cushions to create a bright and clean outdoor space, perfect for buyers to envision what they will be enjoying next spring.

Create Autumn Curb Appeal

Nothing says ‘welcome home’ more than a decorated front porch. Easily create your fall entryway with a door wreath, yellow or orange potted mums, gourds and a couple bales of hay. Place the potted mums down your steps and accent with the gourds and hay. If space allows, add a single chair and dress with a plaid blanket or pillow. A fall sign made from reclaimed barnboard is also a fantastic touch to your outdoor space. Visit your local farm, garden centre and craft store to pick up all the goods. Keep it simple, fresh and inviting.

Bring Autumn Indoors

Autumn décor and scents take people back to pleasant times. Enchant your buyers and get them to envision holidays around your kitchen table. Fill a fruit basket with crisp red apples and bake a fresh batch of cookies. Prop up an autumn cookbook. After you have de-personalized each room, add warm décor such as plaid throws or pillows, candles, and a fall-themed centrepiece such as a burlap runner with a white candle accented by a few leaves and mini pumpkins

Leave your home bright and show-ready

As the days get shorter is it important to brighten your home as much as possible. Darkness can cast shadows and create the illusion of a smaller space. Open all your blinds and curtains, and always leave each and every light on for showings, including closets, garage, laundry room etc... Make sure all bulbs are replaced and light fixtures are clean and dust-free. The bright way is the right way!

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