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3 Easy DIY Curb Appeal Boosters!

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

3 Easy, Small-Scale Projects to Increase Curb Appeal with Paint

Never underestimate the impact a simple coat of paint can have! This rings true not just inside your home, but outside too. Here are 3 super-easy DIY paint projects you can do to increase the curb appeal of your home.

1. Exterior Light Fixtures – Exposed to the elements, exterior light fixtures can be prone to discolouration and other issues affecting their finish. A quick coat of spraypaint can bring them back to life! Removing the light fixture will ensure there isn’t any overspray, and placing a scrunched-up paper towel or tissue where the light bulb goes will ensure the functionality of your lights are not impacted.

2. Planters and Planter/Flower Boxes – Have you ever thought of painting your plastic or ceramic planters? If you have a collection of mismatched shapes and styles, painting them the same colour is an easy, cost effective way to unify them all. Painting wooden planters, planter/flower boxes and boxes will not only freshen up their appearance, it can also increase their longevity.

3. Front Steps – Tired looking front steps are anything but welcoming! Especially if your steps are in need of repair, painting them afterwards can ensure a seamless finish. For concrete steps specifically there are resurfacing products available that are as easy as paint to apply.

As with all DIY projects, proper prep and using the right materials are key in ensuring the best end result and that your project lasts the test of time!

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