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3 Tips To Spruce Up Your Cottage!

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Smart & Stylish Storage!

Because the cottage is a welcoming place for friends and guests, we want to make sure we have plenty of storage for extra bedding, glasses, towels… well pretty much everything to ensure a comfortable stay!

There is no need to buy unnecessary items that will take up a ton of room like dressers and armoires. Look for storage in clever places like beds with built-in drawers for extra bedding or plush benches with storage!

The majority of your time will be spent soaking in the great outdoors! invest in a deck or dock box for extra towels, lake toys and pillows for easy access when hanging out in the sun!

Incorporate storage with décor! Why not showcase your cool drink and barware on a rolling bar cart. This makes it easy for guests to find and help themselves while creating an organized and fun storage option.

Antiques! Sometimes the best décor is the story behind it!

The drive up to the cottage is part of the experience in itself. A stop at Webber’s for their famous tasty burger, one of the many candy stores along Highway 12 and tons of hidden antique stores on those winding Muskoka roads.

Add some rustic charm to your cottage by scavenging the old barns lined with history! I can spend hours in these hidden gems sourcing out the perfect oil lamp or vase. Being at the cottage is a carefree time and your décor should represent that!

A Screened In Porch!

Although a larger project than finding a cute antique or creating smart storage, a screened in porch is a total must at the cottage!

Imagine being curled up on that cozy wicker chair with a blanket and a book watching a storm roll in from the lake. That cool breeze is so comforting and can only be experienced when you are in the elements but protected at the same time!

Whether it be a rainy afternoon spent playing board games or time out of the sun enjoying lunch, a screened in porch comes in so handy. If you are like me, I am happiest outdoors, and this is the best of both worlds!

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