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Spring Is Upon Us! Veggies Anyone?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Spring is upon us - Learn how to start your very own vegetable garden!

Planting a vegetable garden is achievable by anyone - yes even you!

Whether you have a big or small area for your vegetable garden there are still many ways to make it work and to grow your very own veggies in your own backyard.

Here are some beginner tips and tricks to get you started:

Step 1 - Choose the best location

When planning your garden remember that sunlight is absolutely necessary to produce healthy high-quality vegetables. Trees and shrubs compete with garden crops for sunlight, plant food and moisture.

The vegetable garden should fit in well with the overall design of your existing garden and landscape of your backyard. Consider the relation to the trees, shrubs and flowers around your home as well as ensuring a water supply nearby.

Step 2 - Plan your garden layout

After choosing where your garden will go, make a plan of the size of your garden and which vegetables you will be planting. The size of your garden will depend on the space you have available, the quantity of vegetables you will need and the amount of work you desire to spend on it.

Keep in mind that spacing between rows is very important to allow growth of plants, cultivation and efficient use of space. There are many spacing charts online that will give you guidance for each individual plant as they all grow differently!

Step 3 - Prepare and care for your soil

Soil provides food and water to plants, this is why good soil is one of the most important parts for growing good veggies. Prepare the soil before planting anything. Adding fertilizer, correcting acidity and raking the seedbed properly are all important to keep your garden happy!

Don't forget to continue to take care of your soil throughout the growing season by applying more fertilizer. Some wonderful options are manure, compost, grass clippings, hay or you can find law & garden fertilizer at your local garden center.

Step 4 - Time to plant your vegetables!

This is the fun part - well apart from eating them of course! Here is a brief step by step on how to do so:

- Use disease free seed.

- Mark out straight rows

- Space seeds according to specific vegetable type

- Plant 1 - 2 inches deep

- Pack soil around the seeds and cover them

Step 5 - Water properly

Water is extremely important for producing high quality crops. Rainfall is of course a great source of water but there are usually dry spells during the growing season, therefore keeping your veggies hydrated is a must.

Water your plants early in the day so that moisture on the plants will dry off before dew appears. Water once a week and during dry spells.

Step 6 - Harvest!

All that hard work and patience has finally paid off and it is time to harvest your crop! Make sure to handle your vegetables with a lot of care to prevent bruising and breakage.

There are many different ways and styles to create your perfect vegetable garden, the important thing is to make it enjoyable and for it to be something you can be proud of. After all you did it all on your own and it's now time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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