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Interior Design Trends 2019

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The movement has been a slow burn, simmering for decades, and a good one. You can feel it, from yoga to forest bathing, buying organic & sustainability...our planet's future. 2019 "trends" are getting in touch with yourself and nature and contemplating what our connection to it all is. As movements go, it of course affects many levels of our society and culture, from groceries to clothing to interiors. So, here you go, we've rounded up five trends to pay attention to in your interior design or staging adventures!

Less is More & Sustainability

Our shopping habits are changing too. Moving away from purchasing every year, every season, every week, every day, thought is going into purchases, and a lot of thought. It's now about who, where, when, and how an item is made and what from. Investing in long term pieces and treasuring those instead of fast fads. The thought goes beyond the price tag and looks into what we are actually bringing into our homes....Forget particle board (hi toxins), we've seen the barn board trend, and now it goes beyond that. Not only is the "less is more" principle good in general but it truly affects how you feel about your home, your space and yourself.


This was a new word to me but an old tradition. Bringing in natural and organic materials, wood, stone, natural light and greenery to not only emphasize the relationship between us and nature but our connection to eachother. In this day and age of phones being our constant, bringing in some serenity, fresh air, natural light is essential for balance and a beautiful sanctuary, a place to truly escape from it all.

Natural Lines

Ah the mid century moment of straight lines and graphic shapes is on it's way out and being replaced by curvier silhouettes. Only- forgive the pun- natural given a preference to a more organic setting.

Maximalist Art & Florals

Are we getting a little too granola for you? Don't worry, if you like a statement, welcome to the time of statement art. Which personally I find mixed with a "less is more" attitude comes across as very Parisian. A different take? Bring in floral wallpaper or linens or a bold primary colour palette with art or linens.

Cement, Rice Paper, Jute... Etc

Going back to point one with the thought of "who, where, when, what and how" things are made these days. Supporting local artists and crafts people in general is important, but when made by hand, it seems to make a piece that much more special.

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