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Tips & Tricks: Decluttering Your Home

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Is the clutter in your home getting so overwhelming you don’t know where to begin? There’s a whole host of ways to go about it, but here are some of the most popular methods out there. Just find the process that suits your personality best, and you’ll have an orderly, streamlined home in no time.

The biggest challenge is just getting started. A great way to start is to pick an area that you can declutter quickly that will leave a big impact. This will get your decluttering juices flowing and will get you motivated to move onto a more challenging task. Once you are ready to tackle the rest of your home here are a few tips to make help you out and make it fun at the same time:



Start off by choosing one room to tackle. Make sure your set aside at least 2-3 hours for this project as you want to begin and finish the process in one go! Get yourself four boxes and label them; trash, giveaway, keep & relocate. Pick up each item in the room and consider it individually and place it in the corresponding box. This method deconstructs the room into categories and once complete it will give you a clear view of what is truly needed as opposed to just having a bunch of stuff that serves no real purpose. Once the first room is complete you will be motivated to get the entire house done! Trust me!


We’ve all been there.. we go through our closet determined to cut it in half and get rid of all those items that we have not worn in months... or years even! This process can prove quite daunting as we tend to make excuses for our beloved carefully selected pieces “this one is a keeper... I’m keeping it for when I lose those extra 10 pounds” or “this shirt I got on vacation, it holds too many memories”. A friend of mine came up with one heck of an idea, give it a try! Hang all of your clothes with the hanger in the reverse direction. After you wear an iteam, return it to the closet with the hanger facing the correct direction. After six months, you’ll have a clear picture of which items you actually wear and which ones you should discard of.


For smaller areas that have been overlooked throughout the years this method will work wonders! Don’t try to do an entire room with this method as it simply will not work or be effective. Set a timer for 20 minutes and choose a problem area like your bathroom vanity for example. Take every item out and get to it! Although this method may not work on larger areas you can divide the areas into smaller tasks, such as kitchen cabinets, tackle one cabinet for each 20 minutes… and Voila!

Now that you’ve put all this hard work decluttering your home, don’t let it revert back to the way it was. An easy way to do this is to take 5 minutes every day to tidy up just before going to bed, another important thing is to assess every item you bring into your home, is this something that will serve a purpose and make you happy every time you look at it? Implement these tips and tricks to your life and make your home a place you want to be and are proud to show off!

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