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Maximize Your Winter Listing

If your property is currently on the market, or if you are considering selling in the winter, we have some fantastic tips to help really make your house shine.

Firstly, by selling in the wintertime you join our coveted group of ‘Savvy Sellers’ who know when serious buyers are out and inventory is low. If you want to learn more about becoming a Savvy Seller, let’s chat over coffee 😊

So you’ve decided to sell. Wintertime is dark, cold, and let’s face it, very white. Snow hiding your flagstone walkways and landscaped gardens. Your back deck is a storage unit, protecting your wicker patio furniture and barstools from the harsh elements. Many of your showings will be during a snowstorm or at night in the dark. How do you showcase your home to buyers in the best possible way? Please read on …

Keep your driveway & walkways shoveled and salted. Curb appeal and first impressions are so important, and we don’t want their first impression to be falling in a mountain of snow.

Make sure all outside light bulbs are functioning. Illuminate those pathways you just cleared!

Make sure all the lights are on in your house. Foyers, closets, laundry, basement. Everything. Just as you checked outside, make sure all inside bulbs are working and the wattage is the same.

We all try to conserve heat in the winter. However, for showing your home, you may need to add a few logs on the fire. Creating a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere can evoke emotion and make buyers feel more welcome and at home. Even 1-2 degrees on the thermostat will make a difference! No need for freezing toes or keeping jackets on. Let the buyers envision themselves living in your home.

If you have a showing during the day, open up all of your blinds and curtains. Keep your décor light and neutral. The key here is to keep your house looking light and bright. A lot of buyers start looking around because the are growing tired of their own décor or maybe even suffering from a little cabin fever. Brighten up their world with your clean, fresh house and you may find yourself with a sale!

Written by: Deanna Hutton (

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