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Getting Your Home Showing Ready

First impressions

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers see, so set a positive tone for the showing. Make sure driveway and walkway are shoveled and well salted for everyone’s safety. It will also look much neater without boot prints through the snow and will reduce the amount of slush brought into the entryway.

Let there be light!

Make sure that blinds are curtains are pulled open to let in as much sunlight as possible for daytime showings. In the evening make sure that all lights are on, especially any outdoor fixtures to add to the first impression and make it easier for potential to safely get to the front door.

Tame the clutter monster

Clear away unnecessary items and clutter to showcase your home, rather than the items you’ll be taking with you when you move. Pressed for time? An easy trick is to have a few empty baskets available for last minute tidying. Simply put any items that don’t belong in the basket, and store in a closet or cupboard until after the showing.

Furry Friends

Put away any pet paraphernalia around the house (especially favourite toys that are…well loved!). Do a pick up in the backyard, and a thorough clean of any litter boxes. Before you go, run around quickly with the vacuum or a dry Swiffer to pick up any roving balls of fur.

Soothing scents


Our sense of smell has a powerful ability to influence our emotions. Be cautious with commercial air fresheners and plug ins as some buyers may have allergies or sensitivities. Essential oil diffusers can be a great option that are also safe to leave running after you leave.

Soft music

Turn on quiet music before you leave to add to the welcoming atmosphere. Stick to easy listening genres such as jazz and keep the volume just high enough to be heard without being overwhelming.

*Please note, this blog is not intended to solicit those home buyers or home sellers that are under a current agency agreement*

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