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The Beauty Of Built Ins

Hi Friends,

Today I would like to share my professional opinion on property interiors. As a reator, I am in multiple homes a day, and as I enter a home my eye is looking for the focal point of each space. A focal point is the center of interest in a room and in which would be the gathering place of the home. For example, this could be a dark accent wall, a large stone fireplace, vaulted ceiling in the living room, floor to ceiling windows in the dining room, or it could even be a piece of furniture like a piano. If focal points are done correctly, they may be the full reason of the purchase of the home. However, some properties don't have focal points, and that's why you have to create them!

Focal points could be done in numerous ways, but in my home, my wife and I created our focal point in our living room. We did this by adding a new mantel and built-in bookshelves to each side of our fireplace.


As you can see, the fireplace wasn't exactly a "show stopper". First, we decided to replace the mantel with a reclaimed early 1900's piece that we found at a local shop. Next, we had Pestill Carpentry install the mantel and measure the space for the custom built-ins.


As you can see, the vintage mantel is already adding character and drawing your eye towards white space. Next we added the built-ins.

Almost there!

The built-ins were added, and we gave the mantel and shiplap a fresh coat of white paint. With the built-ins added, the whole main level started to come together. The fireplace that was once dull and boring is now bright and elegant and acts as the anchor of our main level. Now time to decorate!


After adding decor to this space (yes we eventually hung our TV back up) we loved it even more. Another positive point to adding built-ins is that you gain a lot more storage which is great for hiding TV wires, books, photo albums and more. Now when we entertain, it's the first thing our guests notice and it's the area we tend to gather around after a long day or when we have company over.

If you're thinking about adding a focal point to your main level, it's always a good idea! And lastly, if you need help in this area, contact a local designer or home stager and they recommend the best ways and spaces to create a focal point in your home. You won't regret it!


Michael Fisher

*Please note, this blog is not intended to solicit those home buyers or home sellers that are under a current agency agreement*

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