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Two Lakes You Can't Go Wrong With...

Both Toronto and Georgina have their perks. Not only do they both offer access to a lake within minutes, but they are within a modest reach of each other.

The price pyramid of housing affordability in Toronto has dropped. More and more buyers are limited to lower price points due to regulations introduced throughout 2017. This has put a lot of pressure on the Toronto condo market, driving prices higher. And as a growing real estate trend, the next generation of purchasers, the millennials, are finding themselves needing access to Toronto for work, and perhaps their social life, but yearning for the unicorn of having a hand in the real estate market.

As a result of this, many people are looking beyond the GTA for affordability. As a Toronto home owner, and loving the city life I can appreciate the want of living in the city core, however, I am lucky enough to be able to work on the southern shores of Lake Simcoe. And while the hustle and bustle of Toronto is an incredible energy, the peace and tranquility of what Georgina has to offer is a nice balance.

Georgina is a hidden gem. Most people pass through it on their way to the more famous “cottage country's” of Haliburton or Muskoka. But did you know Georgina historically and proudly has the title of “Ontario’s first cottage country”? Given it’s easy access of 1 hour to the city core (trust me, I do this commute every day) you can leave the city after work and watch the sunset after dinner on your boat.

Investing in real estate in downtown Toronto or beautiful Georgina is ideal. The question to ask yourself is which is better for you? Would you prefer a one bedroom plus den condo in Toronto or a detached home in Georgina steps from the lake? At this point, either choice is a solid one, and as always, all of us on the team are happy to help you!

*Please note, this blog is not intended to solicit those home buyers or home sellers that are under a current agency agreement*

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