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Season Change Over!


Spring is on its way.... YAY!!! This tip takes time so pack your patience!

Today we are addressing your master closet and apparel season change over. Let’s pack away fall and winter, store it in bins ..all your seasonal apparel, store it away... Starting fresh for spring summer.

When organizing your spring summer clothing let’s hang it all up by putting the garments on the hangers then put the hangers on the rod backwards...

Over the season, each time you wear a piece of your clothing, when you are ready to hang it back in the closet hang it facing forward now... do this all season long for each and every piece of clothing you wear.

You will see at the end of the season (when you are ready to change your clothing back to fall/winter) you will have several items that you hung for spring/summer still with the hangers facing backwards .. those are the items you did not wear... well.. let’s EDIT......

Donate what you didn’t wear let’s de-clutter and get rid of old garments that are taking up space in your closet! You obviously did not wear them soooooo let’s donate what you did not wear and give back to people in need of clothing...

You will be amazed at the number of garments that just hung backwards and took up space in your closet for the entire season... (Repeat this system for fall winter season)

It is healthy for everyone to see for themselves what they hold on to and what needs to go.. remember donating the unworn clothing will help others in need ... and will create more space in your closet.. Out with the old!

Solution to a clutter free closet over a 365 day commitment.

Stay disciplined and you will have an organized clutter-free closet over a years time!

Let's Get Organized!!


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