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I woke up this morning feeling incredibly grateful. It may be -26 C outside but I'm in my warm, safe home with its Post and Beam vaulted ceiling, and my heated toilet seat gleaming in the morning sunshine. Sun. That's definitely one thing to be grateful for. Last winter as most of us can recall it was usually gray and many people we would interact with on a daily basis were affected by the lack of "Happy" from the Sun's energy.

I'm grateful to wake up and have a moment to enjoy my Neospresso coffee watching the cardinals, chickadees, blue jays and squirrels munching and picking away at the black sunflower seed I topped up yesterday. As I look at the lake I'm aware of how few brave men and women are out snowmobiling and atving on the lake as they venture out to their ice huts. The brave few are likely honing their skills for the Ice Fishing Derby ( where teams will compete for the top ten spots of prizes with first place being $10,000! And they deserve it bundling up for the cold on February 18th.

I'm really focusing on feeling grateful today as my daughter Mardi had messaged me yesterday letting me know one of her beloved high school teachers Elizabeth Ferkranus had passed away on January 4th, taken by a recurrence of Cancer at 43 years old. She left behind her husband, two daughters and all her family in friends. She was a drama teacher in the Arts Program at Huron Heights. She was a volunteer for the LGBTQ youth and participated in speaking engagements with "Positively Kind". In one word this teacher was LOVE. I am so thankful she impacted my daughter with meditation support and a soft and gentle place for another special young lady , Rose Jones. Thank you Ms. Ferkranus. Your work here on earth is done but your loving, kind teachings will go on forever in our hearts. Thank you for inspiring so many people.

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