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Leaves...Gorgeous DIY's For All Ages

Hi All!

Life is beautiful in Jackson's Point. Sibbald Provincial Park is more vibrant than ever, and the gorgeous array of fiery hued leaves has inspired this post. Here's some DIY ideas for all ages to hopefully make leaf collecting a bit more inspiring!

Mess Free Activity For Babies

The very little ones might not be ready for some of the leafy activities below, but it's almost Halloween, so this is a "theme friendly" idea for your babies post-pumpkin carving! Jenae came up with an ingenious (and apparently mesmerizing) activity...

Gorgeous Prints For Toddlers

This is SUCH a cool idea, and the results are amazing! Gather some leaves, have your little one(s) paint one side and then press on paper. I am tempted to try this at an adult...

Visit Kleas for more information!

An Autumn Inspired "Snow Globe" For Kids

From a brilliant kid named Gresham and a great lady name Sarah at Frugel Fun 4 Boys. A mason jar, leaves, glycerin, a stick and hot glue. Beautiful and Seasonal! Although the creator's used foil leaves, I wonder if you could do this with real leaves as well, as glycerin is used as a preserver below....

How To Preserve Leaves

The folks over at Buggy and Buddy have the various ways to do this. Click here to learn how!

Leaf Cut Outs For Teens and Adults

I came across this on Pinterest and see that the main site is a seller of this punch, but advertising aside, this is such a great idea, with so many potentials. Art, stationary, decor, whatever it is, this is a great start!


Pumpkin-Leaves Fusion, Home Decor

Country Living, you had me at the photo. A chic alternative to the traditional carved pumpkin. Save a variety of leaves and press them, followed by a modge podge layer or two. Stunning.

Tree Of Leaves

This very effective creation after a rather gusty day from is a terrific idea for fall decor. Maybe prep a metallic sprayed version for Christmas?

Bonus Ideas!

Great For A Fall Evening....

Elisabeth McKnight is beyond genius. Smore's Pot. She had a craving for smores after a mother-nature-sabotage-to-camping-downpour and this is what she came up with. Genius.


Printable Fall Bucket List

I had to include this, Heidi at Honeybear Lane has a fantastic "Fall Bucket List" that is printable!


*Please note, this blog is not intended to solicit those home buyers or home sellers that are under a current agency agreement.

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