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Design Trends And An Easy DIY Project!

Looking to update your home? Here's a look at some top trends in Interior Design!

Gone are the days of Stainless Steel. The industrial look has now given way to matte appliances, sinks and hardware. Add these beautiful pieces to your kitchen for a modern yet vintage look!

Just because stainless steel is out, doesn't mean metals are out entirely! Rose golds, gold, copper, silver and bronze mixed with the soft mattes of black, grey or white create a mid century yet modern look and feel. Look at this beautiful kitchen cabinetry with a deep blue black and vivid gold handles from Humphrey Munsen. Stunning!

Like a piece of art on your floor, utilizing geometric shapes and blending wood, stone and ceramic. This is a sleek way to do transition in your flooring. Use a herringbone pattern or a honey comb style and geometric shapes to create a floor that will stand out.


With it's grey veining, this natural stone is making a huge comeback. But like with every trend, it is re-imagined ... It's showing up not just in counters and floorings, but it's beautiful veiny texture is illustrated in wall coverings, rug patterns, linens, and no doubt endless other design details, truly evoking a mid century Hollywood in a sleek contemporary vibe.

Not just reserved for the traditional club chair, this trend is showing up (like all the other trends) in non-traditional places, like cornices, doors, and wood furniture.

PS- The chest of drawers to the right is an IKEA hack!

Lastly, a quick and easy DIY project. Considering rose gold, brushed silver and bronze are making a huge appearance that will not doubt transition easily through the fall and beyond the holiday season, here is a quick DIY idea to add to your counter tops. It's super easy, requires a bit of time/ patience for drying, an airy space, some spray paint and some mason jars. I love these amazing metal spray paints, and have sprayed a lot of things... it does become an addiction you know...

Thoroughly wash your mason jars and dry completely

Place on a covered table or work bench with opening face down

Pick your paint colour of choice and spray away (a word to the wise, don't get too close or you may get runny paint- been there, done that!)

Allow time to dry thoroughly

For more detailed tips and additional ideas, click the pic and head over to read the blog!

Want to see more design inspiration pictures? Please visit our pinterest board! Thanks for stopping by!

*Please note, this blog is not intended to solicit those home buyers or home sellers that are under a current agency agreement.

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