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6 Things You Should Do Now To Sell In Spring...

When listing your home it can feel like the process moves very quickly. You've signed with an agent and they are ready to go! All of a sudden you find yourself in the midst of packing, cleaning like you've never cleaned before and depersonalizing. A photographer shoots photos, stagers move in and out, your home transformed into a cover for Homes & Gardens. It can feel very overwhelming (but it's worth it!). If you're thinking about selling, here's our top tips for getting you ahead of the game.


All it takes is a minute. That's how quickly a buyer can decide your house could be for them. Consider this: You walk up to the front door of a house, your realtor is fiddling around with the lock box, and while you are waiting, your eyes wander to cracks in the paint, maynbe a rusty doorknob, eavestrough on an angle...Don't turn them away before they even walk in the front door. Take this time for curb appeal repairs.


When people come to look at your house with an interest to buy, you should count on them looking in cupboards and closets. Preparing for this gives you a chance to pare down then pack up the non essentials and put them in storage. This really helps give potential buyers an idea of storage space. You'd think leaving a lot of clothes would make buyers see how much they can fit, but a closet looks far more spacious when clothes have room to breathe. The old adage, less equals more.


Chances are home inspection will be done on your house. This is a common condition that comes with an offer. Get a head start. It's better (and often less expensive) to do these repairs beforehand than wait for a buyer to see it, let alone request it.


Most people start looking for a new home themselves, taking advantage of online tools. Be proactive and get a sense by looking at prices and comparatives in your area. Sometimes when the price is too high it could cause your house to stay on the market for longer and in a boom, remember

appraisers can be very cautious. Which leads us to Number 5...


IT's advantageous to hire an agent that will ensure your home is represented with it's best face forward. Makes sense right? The givens are: high quality marketing materials including professional photos, virtual tours, and accurate descriptions highlighting the home's features. An active online and social media presence in this digital age is now not only a necessity but a useful tool to reach a broader market. Perhaps most importantly though, is finding an agent who you can communicate and who you feel comfortable with. Chances are you'll be spending a lot of time with each other, and finding a great agent can also become a lifelong business relationship.

*Not intended to solicit those home buyers or home sellers that are under a current agency agreement.

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