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10 Easy to Care for House Plants - Enjoy a Little Nature, Indoors!

If you are a nature lover, chances are you’ve adopted some houseplants over the years. Who doesn’t love a little greenery in their home? For everyone who has bought houseplants unbeknownst of how to care for them and then watched them wither away… just know you are not alone! While you try your best to care for your plant babies, they don’t all get the correct care they need. Less is usually more when it comes to watering, and following the care instructions is so important so that you don’t over expose them to the sun, or let them wilt away! These 10 house plants will have you less stressed, and with a little tender love and care, you can watch them thrive in front of your own eyes for years to come! Here is a list of low maintenance house plants for those starting out on their plant parenthood journey.

Chamaedorea – These plants grow in rich, well-drained soil. When the soil goes dry, water it several inches. They like humidity and bright rooms of the house with indirect light. You can fertilize every 3-4 weeks, while maintaining indoor temperatures of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dragon Tree – These grow best in bright, indirect light. Best in your bathroom or kitchen for humidity. Its leaves are sensitive and can become sunburnt in direct sunlight, so be aware! They prefer to be underwatered, so wait until the soil dries out completely first before watering again.

Japanese Sago Palm – These are easy to care for but do require bright light (although will tolerate low-light areas). They love well-drained soils and prefer to be under watered.

Spider Plant – Simple and easy to care for, these will be anyone’s best friend! Place in bright to moderate light, keep soil slightly moist. You can water once a week in the spring and summer, but in the winter, make sure to allow for the soil to become drier between watering!

Weeping Fig Tree – This plant loves well-drained soil, and only to be watered when the top couple of inches of soil are dry. It should be fertilized during growing season (Spring – Fall), once every two weeks with a half-strength dilution. Avoid drafts, dry heat, and sudden temperature changes.

Heart Leaf Philodendron – These plants love bright areas, but do not place in direct sunlight as the leaves are sensitive. It thrives under fluorescent light, making for a great office plant. Keep soil lightly moist during growing season. During the winter, allow the surface of the soil to dry up.

Devil’s Ivy – This plant enjoys a light area, without direct sunlight and away from any draft. General rule of thumb, the paler the leaves, the more light it needs. The soil should not have the roots standing in water, and likes the soil to be moderately damp. Fertilize once a month to keep its growth.

Chinese Evergreen – These require an evenly moist soil environment and high humidity. They cannot endure dry air. Soil should be moderately moist, and you can allow the soil to dry out a bit between watering. Do not overwater otherwise fungal problems or root rot may occur.

Dieffenbachia – They love partial shade, or gentle sunlight, and can tolerable full shade if you don’t have much light available. They thrive in temperatures between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Water regularly and allow the soil to dry between watering.

Snake Plant – These are easy to care for, allowing soil to dry between watering, but you need to make sure you do not overwater them in the winter. Avoid getting the leaves wet, and place in indirect or subtle light. You can fertilize during growing season and enjoy year-round!

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