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Tired of Your Current Home? Thinking of a Move? Here are Some Things to Consider!

Did you know that the average person/family moves every 5-7 years?

We all like change in our lives, it refreshes and inspires us. So, if you are considering a change, whether it is in the same city, or a potential move across the country... here are some things to consider when looking for where your next home will be located:

1. Average Sales price in the area and Market trends - Have prices increased in the area? What is the forecast for resale down the road and what are the area turnover rates?

2. If you have children - What and where are the local schools, and how are they rated?

3. Property Taxes – What can you expect to pay?

4. Transportation – Is there local transit? Commuter routes? How close is the home to your work?

5. Walkability score – Is this important to you? If so, what amenities are available close by?

6. Crime – What are the local crime rates? Have they gone up or down in the neighbourhood you are considering?

7. Parks/Greenspaces/Walking Trails – Are there public spaces nearby and how accessible are they

8. Stores & Restaurants – How close and accessible are the area shops and restaurants?

9. Coffee – Are there coffee shops close by... some of us really need that morning cup of Java!

10. Sports & Gyms - Do you golf? Play Hockey? Go to the Gym? Check for what is available in the area if that is important to you. Will it take you 5 minutes or 30 minutes to get to the gym?

11. Entertainment & Nightlife – Are you the life of the party? Is the Rec Room where you like to hang out? What does this new area provide?

12. Planned local improvements – Is a new shopping district or affordable housing in the works? Are there any planned changes that could impact your resale value?

13. Consider how long you intend to live there – short-term or long-term?

14. How close are you to family and friends?

15. Local community/senior centers – Are there places which offer classes to the community?

16. Local Events – If you like fairs, parades, etc. you need to consider what this community offers on a yearly basis.

And finally, what homes currently for sale appeal to you that you can afford? Finding a great local agent can make all the difference. If moving to a different area, your current agent can help you to do just that and ensure that you are taken care of and that you find your next “dream home”. Happy Moving!

Written by Angelik Jones (

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