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Thinking About Selling Your Home? Here's How We Can Help!

As you contemplate putting your house up for sale, thinking about what you

need to do to prep your house and property can seem overwhelming.

Our Team has helped clients like you in the past with preparing their home

for sale, and in turn, maximize what they net once the home sold.

Here is how The Jennifer Jones Team can help!

1. We start the process off with our initial visit. Here we walk through your

home and property and generate a 'Honey-Do list of cheap and cheerful

things that will go a long way; decluttering, painting, touch-ups, deep

cleans, etc. Don’t be discouraged by this list though, for everything and

anything on that list we have a person or company that can help if you

would prefer not to do it yourself. The Jennifer Jones Team has their own

exclusive contractor who is available for various projects, and a Rolodex

filled with excellent recommendations for every trade out there.

2. Once this list is completed, we bring in a stager, if necessary, to add

some finishing touches. We will do everything required to make sure the

day your home hits the market it will ‘Wow’ buyers.

3. When the house is ready the professional photographer takes magazine

worthy photos inside and out to showcase your home on MLS, real estate

websites, social media, brochures, and all our other advertising outlets.

This whole process from initial walk through, selling your home, and

moving out is done with the guidance and involvement of our entire team.

The best part is there is no cost for our Agents to meet with you! Invite us

in to talk about your home and what needs to happen, so you can net the

most money when you sell it. After that you will have your 'Honey-Do' list in

hand, a better understanding of your home’s worth, and an action plan for

next steps. Then you can decide if The Jennifer Jones Team is the right fit

to guide you through that process.

We look forward to meeting with you!

Written By: Courtney Carroll (

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