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Thinking About Renovating Your Home? Here are 5 Things You Need to Know About Layout and Design:

1. Every room needs a window, unless it’s an interior bathroom. In that case, a fan that vents to the outside is required by code.

2. A bathroom should not open directly into the kitchen or main living area. The entrance to any bathroom needs to be sheltered by a privacy zone such as a small stretch of hallway.

3. Bedrooms are private spaces, you should never have to cross through one to get to another room.

4. Kitchens should be built around a work triangle of sink refrigerator and stove, single-wall galley kitchens should be a last resort.

5. A vestibule is worth looking for and worth investigating for two reasons: you’ll stop cold air from getting into your living space and you’ll have a place to put all the stuff that goes with real life boots coats umbrellas…

Enjoy being creative and have fun!

Credits to Mike Holmes

Written by Tifa Zarabi (

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