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Sooooooo Hot! Here is How You Can Protect Your Dog on These Hot Summer Days!

The days are getting hotter. Instead of discussing what not to do, we will focus on what we can do to protect our dogs. When it feels hot to us it feels even hotter to our furry family members. Most of us here at The Jennifer Jones Team have dogs and have implemented these tips below to protect our pooches during the summer months:

· Paw Balm - Use a quality paw balm to protect those toe beans from the scourging hot pavement. It is uber important to use a paw balm that is particularly formulated for the summer months. Pure, natural beeswax has a much higher melting point than paraffin wax. You can find natural beeswax in most pet stores or even with your local beekeeper. A paw balm with beeswax will offer better protection for your dog’s paws on those hot summer days.

· Water - Spray your dog’s topcoat & tummy down with a spray bottle before going for a walk. Have fresh water on hand as dogs are thirstier on hot days. Other than panting & drinking water they have no ways of cooling themselves down.

· Shade - Be sure to keep your furry family member in the shade as much as possible.

· Walkies - Create a safe walking routine for your dog during the summer months. Exercise them early in the morning and or at night. Not only will the walk be safer for your dog, but it will also be more comfortable for both of you. Neither of you will melt away this way.

· Creative Activities – A kiddie pool for your dog is the perfect post walkies and or perfect hot day activity. Our dog is obsessed with his pool during the summer. He digs in the water, thrashes & rolls in it, lays down and he just loves it! Sprinklers are a lot of fun and are not only a gentle mist but also engaging for play time. Take your dog’s favourite squeaky toy and a couple of their favourite treats, submerge them in water with a bit of broth in a large enough container, then freeze! Your dog will be very busy trying to get to his toy and treats and it will help him stay cool. *

If you are not already using some of these, we hope you learned something new & useful to help you keep your furmily members safe.

*Please note: if your dog is overheating, frozen treats, including ice cubes can be very dangerous. Know the symptoms of heatstroke, such as excess salivation, fatigue, muscle tremors, staggering & watch for signs of dehydration, such as excessive panting, pale gums, lethargy & bloodshot eyes.

Have fun, be safe and stay cool!

Written by: Sarah Wolf (

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