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Ask an Expert: How Do I Pick the Right Colour of Paint?

I spoke with Patricia Miles, a Colour Consultant with 15 years experience. She currently

works at the Benjamin Moore Paint Source Plus in Keswick.

How do I go about picking a paint colour?

Patricia: Colour is so exciting and a great way to be inspired. People come to see us with

photos of their homes inside & out as well as furniture. They bring pieces of fabric, samples

of counter tops, cabinetry and flooring. They are all great starting points. They are also all

big ticket items, which are critical. Lighting is also extremely important. Colours can change

based on the time of day, from sunrise to sunset and artificial lighting versus natural.

Choosing a theme will also ease the choice of a colour. Understanding the undertone of a

colour will create an entire flow throughout your home. Example: Earth tones are warm

and have a yellow undertone such as reds, oranges and yellows (think of Fall or Spring

colours provided by Nature). Cool tones are your icy blues, lavender, crisp whites and greys

(think Winter & Summer).

Sheen selection is also important. Did you know a Flat or Matte can be quite forgiving, hides

flaws? Eggshell and or Ulti-Matte is perfect and durable; a Semi-gloss highlights

architectural details such as columns and crown moulding.

How do I pick the right shade?

Patricia: There are many options to choose from. Did you know there are over 200 shades

of white? Choosing the right shade can excite, calm, be dramatic, romantic and create a

wonderful ambiance. The right shade can brighten spaces, make a small room appear

larger. Perhaps you have a preference such as Pastels-airy, calm. Pink Bliss, Iceberg,

Porcelain. Neutrals-warm, soothing. Manchester Tan, Collingwood, Pashmina. Whites-timeless and versatile. Chantilly Lace - the truest white, Cloud White, White Dove. Dramatic

Deeps-dramatic and bold. Wolf Gray, Sherwood Forrest, Sultan’s Palace. To mention a few.

Even such details as crown molding, baseboards and doors are also critical. Quite often

people feel they need to just go with white. Be bold and daring, experiment with dark

shades. You’ll be amazed and so inspired.

Do you suggest using different shades of colour?

Patricia: Absolutely. This is what creates such a beautiful harmonious flow throughout the

entire home (as long as the undertone remains warm or cool).

Accent walls are a fun way to add a “wow” factor to a room, just choose a deeper shade of

the lighter shade chosen.

What are some different colour suggestions for throughout the house?

Patricia: Colours are a personal preference as per the above “how to pick a colour”,

however, in saying that I recommend that homeowners keep it neutral throughout the

entire home. This allows you to be creative and bring in exciting colour through pieces of

artwork, decorative cushions, throws, glass vases, etc. Gives the option of changing it up

seasonally as well. (Fall, Christmas, Spring, Summer) Neutrals are also important if you are

thinking of selling. Favourable and turnkey to people that have very hectic lifestyles and do

not have time to change colours that do not appeal to them.

Have fun and colour with confidence.

For more information and colour consult please contact: Patricia Miles, President, Inside & Outside Four Walls 705-719-8939

Written By Maryam Koochaki (

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