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Selling Your Home Over The Holidays

The holidays are hectic enough and feel even more so when you are in the process of selling, so I asked our team members what their number one piece of advice would be for those of you that are selling during this season. Here's what they had to say!

Jennifer: Have patience, and think positively!

Susan: Invest in some great floor mats for the entrance doors! If not, have a handy roll of paper towel standing by, that way the potential buyers won't be stepping into slush in stocking feet and for sellers, you won't get wet socks walking over your clean floors!

Sarah: Make sure all walkways and driveways are shovelled and salted!

Anna: It's a great time for showings when your house is beautifully decorated; it looks and feels warm and inviting!

Ellen: Invest in some great outdoor planters that fit the season, they make a great first impression. First impressions are so important!

Adrian: Try to keep a "snow blanket" in your yards so it looks pristine. Take your pets to the park to "go" instead of in your yard as it ends up looking very messy.

And finally a safety tip: Please DO NOT leave candles burning, or the fireplace running without supervision!

From our team to you- Happiest of Holidays!

*Please note, this blog is not intended to solicit those home buyers or home sellers that are under a current agency agreement.

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*Please note, this blog is not intended to solicit those home  buyers or home sellers that are under a current agency  agreement.

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