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Vinyl Flooring? Forget Your Grandma's Kitchen - It's a Whole New World!

Vinyl floors are making a comeback! Always renowned for their durability and affordability, today’s options are just as resilient and have come a long way since your Grandma’s kitchen floor. Vinyl flooring can have the look of stone, ceramic tile or even wood. It is also waterproof making it a great option anywhere in your home. Cleaning is easy as most only require regular sweeping and a damp mop.

There are typically 3 formats available. Read below to learn which one may be right for you!

Vinyl Tile Flooring:

Vinyl tile flooring is available in a variety of sizes, and typically has a stone or ceramic tile look. Sizes are usually 12-inch or 18-inch squares. Because the tiles are laid individually, replacing damaged tiles is easy. Self-adhesive tiles are the easiest to install.

Vinyl Plank Flooring:

Vinyl plank flooring is an affordable and durable option if you are after a wood flooring look. Plank sizes can range from 6-inches to 18-inches, and 36-in or 48-inch lengths. Plank flooring is waterproof, however gaps should be sealed to ensure moisture does not seep through.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring:

Vinyl sheet flooring is perfect for high-moisture areas like washrooms or mudrooms, and is one of the easiest to clean as there are little to no seams. Typically this option is available in 12-foot widths, it is then cut to the length you need. Sheet flooring is available in a variety of looks from fun geometric tiles to dark hardwood.

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