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Turn Your Grocery List into a Flu-Fighting, Cold-Busting Machine!

Looking for ways to boost your immune system during the winter months? Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are known to keep you healthy during the flu season. Supplements aren’t the only source of these cold and flu busting vitamins and minerals! There are plenty of natural sources of Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D to help boost your immune system. turn to your grocery list into a flu-fighting machine!

Vitamins and minerals have a synergistic effect in the body which means one needs the others to work at peak capacity so when you’re buying supplements you are isolating certain nutrients. When you’re eating foods however, you’re getting the whole spectrum of everything you need.

If you don’t get enough Zinc you are susceptible to disease and illness. You can find Zinc in oysters, mushrooms, spinach and any leafy green, pumpkin seeds and is a great immune booster (and anti-inflammatory).

Vitamin C is also so important and to get it, many of us typically turn to oranges. Did you know a red pepper contains a larger dose? Vitamin C helps with the production of white blood cells which help us to fight infection and colds. It can be found in leafy greens, citrus, and even the skin on potatoes.

Lastly, the well-known Vitamin D which we crave during the winter months. It is not widely available in our food supply, however, orange juice, some yogurts, and dairy products contain Vitamin D. It naturally occurs in fatty fish like salmon, and egg yolks.

Shop smart, eat well and ensure your body is filled with vitamins and these important nutrients for a healthy winter!

Credit to Diane Murphy, Nutritionist

Written by: Helen Soehner (helen@jj.team)

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