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Tree Maintenance: Protecting Your House and Your Trees

Have you ever heard of someone’s tree falling down unexpectedly or falling on to somebody’s house?

There are ways to prevent these accidents from happening. Trees grow approximately 12 inches every year. Over time, with properties exchanging homeowners, trees may not always be top of mind. This allows trees to grow exponentially over time to a point where they can become dangerous for the house, those that live inside the home and the property itself.

Does this mean that you have to cut the tree down to avoid this from happening? Of course, not. Every tree is unique and represents different challenges than the next.

Here is what you should know about the trees on your property and the choices and services available to you:

- There are over 60,000 different kinds of trees on our planet. Some are endangered and cannot be removed. Often permits are required to cut a tree down. Be sure to contact a qualified arborist professional in your area before taking any action.

- If a tree on a property has branches hanging over a neighbouring property, those branches are owned by the property over which those branches are hanging over.

- What happens if you have a tree (endangered or not) that is potentially threatening the health and safety of your home? You have two options: to prune or to remove. The answer to this question depends entirely on the town that you live in.

- If you have an arborist report that supports the permit to remove a tree, your next step is to hire a tree company to come to your home.

- In some cases, an arborist report will show that the removal of the tree is not permitted and your only option will be to prune the tree.

- How do you know which tree pruning and removal service to contact? Look for companies that are active in your town and that have been endorsed by newspapers, referrals of friends and family and online reviews.

Always be cautious about your trees. If they are healthy and do not present a threat to your home, let them thrive. If they do present a threat, contact an arborist or tree professional to determine whether a pruning or full removal is required.

Written by: Chris Fafalios (chrisf@jj.team)

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