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Tips to Leave Your Home Safe & Secured When You Travel

It's that time of year when people travel to warmer destinations to escape this Canadian Winter! If you are leaving your house empty while you are away, to ensure your home is secure and well-maintained during your travels, follow these simple steps:

  1. Secure your home: Lock all doors and windows, and consider installing timers for lights to create the illusion of an occupied house during the evenings.

  2. Stop mail and newspapers: Prevent buildup and signal that someone is home by halting mail and newspaper delivery or asking a trusted neighbor to collect them for you.

  3. Adjust temperature settings: Set your thermostat to conserve energy, ensuring your home remains at a safe temperature. Avoid turning it off completely to prevent humidity and potential issues.

  4. Inform neighbours: Let your neighbours know about your travel plans. They can keep an eye on your property and alert you or authorities if anything seems amiss.

  5. Unplug devices: Save energy and reduce the risk of electrical issues by unplugging non-essential electronic devices and appliances.

  6. Turn off water supply: Minimize the risk of water damage by shutting off the main water supply. This precaution can prevent leaks and plumbing issues while you're away.

  7. Hire a service to clear your driveway and walkway after a snowfall: One obvious indicator that no one is home is a driveway and walkway covered with snow.

  8. Think about installing cameras: Indoor and/or outdoor cameras can act as a deterrant and easily track and record any motion. You can even monitor from your smartphone!

Happy travels everyone!

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