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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Discover 4 Simple, Yet Effective, Secrets to Boost Your Home’s Value!

If you want to learn ways to get the most money you can for your home, you’re on the right page!

We all know the typical ways of updating the kitchen and bathrooms, a fresh coat of paint, replacing worn-out carpeting and outdated windows that can increase the value of your home. However, the focus here is all about how you can enable a prospective buyer to see the greater value of your home and net you the most amount of money! This is exactly what every Seller wants!

These tips and tricks are so simple, yet so effective. So here they are!

De-personalize the Space in Your Home

De-personalizing the space in your home involves removing things such as your pet's or children's belongings that are scattered everywhere around the house, as this can be a distraction from your homes features that you want to highlight. Another thing you can do is remove family photos and children’s drawings off of the walls and refrigerator. This will allow a buyer to imagine your space as their own space and envision their own belongings in it.

Do get your children to help in the process of cleaning up their toys and belongings. Get them to be a part of the move and get them excited about it!

If you have pets, put away their food dishes toys, bed and crate. Get rid of any pet smell in the home. We don’t always notice our pet’s smell as we are around it everyday but someone walking through during a showing will notice this. You can accomplish this by deep cleaning the carpeting, their bedding and toys. A common mistake people tend to make is to cover up any smell with a lot of air freshener which can be overwhelming for some.

Show Off Your Home’s Storage Areas

After living in a home for so many years, we continuously add items into our storage areas. We all know how cluttered our closets, pantry, and cupboards can get. Well, now is the time to clear it out! Doing this will allow a buyer to feel that the storage space is adequate enough for them. Believe me, through this process, you will be throwing out items that you haven’t looked at for over a year and when you’re done, you will feel great!

Make the Space in Your Home Appear BIGGER

By opening up the space in rooms throughout your home, you can really make it appear larger. Have you ever walked through a home that was over-stuffed with things? What was your first thought? Perhaps the room is too small or there’s not enough storage? Without thinking that maybe the furniture is too large for the room or there is too much furniture. Too many tables, chairs and dressers can clutter a room. How do we fix this? Think like a minimalist - less is more. Do your best to remove excess furniture. You can put these large items in a storage unit or garage. If you don’t see the need for them in your future, you can sell or donate them.

Beautify Your Home’s Exterior

Sometimes we are so focused on the interior of our home that we neglect the exterior. The exterior of a home is the first thing a buyer will see and first impressions are super important. Prospective buyers usually know whether or not they like a home within the first 2 minutes of viewing it! So let’s get to updating the curb appeal of your home:

ü Trim all greenery, remove weeds and dead plants

ü Remove debris and dirt from doors and windows – don’t forget about cobwebs

ü Polish door handles and locks

ü Clean the roofline, the exterior stucco, siding or brick

ü Paint a fresh coat over your front door

While these tips are not tangible items that you can purchase for your home to increase it’s value, they can totally improve the condition of your home and increase its value. Simple to-dos that will make your home more desirable to any homebuyer which will lead to a buyer’s willingness to pay more for your home!

Written by Lisa Truong (

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