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I mean literally! Beware: side effects of “hiking include sweating, euphoria and general awesomeness.” York Region is blessed with many beautiful forest tracts and an abundance of scenic trails that provide year-round opportunities for recreational activities; whether you want to go for a stroll, walk with your dog, a hike with the entire family, mountain biking, birdwatching, horseback riding, snowmobiling and more, you will have a wide array of trails to choose from.

Some of my favorite trails include:

· Sutton-Zephyr Rail Trail: can be entered by Sutton High School in Sutton West. There you can find many picturesque spots.

· Pefferlaw Forest Trail: located at 11 Forestry Drive in Pefferlaw. You will walk along the beautiful Black River. Kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding is also an option on the Black River should you choose to explore this trail via water.

· Deer Park Trail: located in Keswick on Deer Park Road. You will find several entry points along Deer Park Road. This trail is especially scenic in the fall and after a fresh snow fall.

· Brown Hill Tract: located at Ravenshoe Road and Carley Road or you can find another entrance on McCowan Road. If you are walking, watch out for mountain bikers on the trails within Brown Hill Tract. This forest offers a lot of fun to mountain bikers with its many loops, log jumps, ramps, tiny bridges and more.

· Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area: you can start at the Newmarket Trail Start off Green Lane East in Newmarket or at Yonge Street and Mount Albert Road.

· Jokers Hill Trail: located off Bathurst Street in Newmarket. Here you can see lots of trilliums when they are in bloom and sometimes catch a glimpse of wildlife.

Of course, you will want to be mindful of the local wildlife on these trails to stay safe and keep your pets safe. And your mantra: “Leaflets three – let it be” will be your best friend in avoiding poison ivy. You should also keep in mind that ticks are active once temperatures are above 0. On humid days and after rain, mosquitos can be quite rampant in some of these areas so be sure to protect yourself accordingly. And always be courteous to one another on the trails.

May the forest be with you!

Written by Sarah Wolf (

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