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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful! Here are Some Great Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Inside This Winter!

As the colder months arrive and days are shorter, children end up spending more time inside. Here are some ideas to help keep them active and engaged:

1. Make Use Of Your Unfinished Basement

If you have an unfinished basement, bring some of the outdoor activities inside. Set up a “track” for scooters and bikes. Use chalk to draw and create hopscotch, etc. If you’re bringing any frisbees or balls, ensure mechanicals are blocked off, and investing in lightbulb guards and window guards is a must-do!

2. Get Them In The Kitchen

Kids love helping in the kitchen and getting them involved can be super easy. Even younger kids can make no-bake energy or granola balls with minimal help. Send older kids googling for recipes they want to try.

3. Start A Challenge

If your family has a competitive streak, why not leverage it and start a chore challenge?! Create a list of age-appropriate chores and agree on the prize… choosing what’s for dinner or dessert, getting to pick a movie to watch, or bragging rights and $5. Track their completion for a week. If your household chores are already covered off, try a reading or activity challenge. Anything that can be tracked can work!

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