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Moving With Pets!

It’s safe to say our entire Team loves pets. Whether dogs, cats, birds, horses, we all have them and love them. This love transfers over to our clients, and it’s not surprising that the health and wellbeing of their pets is a top priority leading up to moving day.

How will your pet cope with the chaos of moving day? How will you safely transport to your new house? How do you help your pet settle into their new home?

Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate:

1. If possible, arrange to get possession of your house a few days or a week prior to your own house closing. The reason is, your pet has a sixth sense for change and can be very sensitive to chaos. By getting possession early, you can slowly move your belonging while still providing Fido’s familiar comforts – food, bed, toys etc..

2. Ideally wrap your fur baby in a familiar blanket or something with your scent. Be right next to them during transport so they don’t think you are leaving them along with all the boxes that seem to be disappearing around them!

3. Once the move is complete, it’s almost like bringing home a new baby. Keep your pet comfortable and surround them with familiar items. Let them roam the house and take it all the new stimuli. Helpful hint – stay close by for this new orientation, you don’t want them literally marking their new territory!

4. Give them reassuring cuddles that everything is okay and you aren’t going anywhere. Continue with your usual routine whether that is a morning walk, bedtime snuggles, or picking up the kids from school. Let them know nothing has changed.

5. As always, chat with your friends, family and Realtor (yes, we can help too!) if you need extra support or a temporary sitter.

Written by Deanna Hutton (

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