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How Can the Phases of the Moon Affect You and Your Productivity?

New moon

The new moon is a new beginning. At this stage of the cycle, you feel calm and motivated. It's the ideal time for meditation and the perfect time to make decisions and learn new skills.

Waxing Crescent (typically lasts 7 days)

The time for intentions and goals, making it the perfect time to begin work on your plans for the month ahead. During this week, you will be more likely to feel excited and determined to deliver on your intentions. You will have a positive mindset for what’s ahead.

First Quarter Moon

This phase is associated with feelings of resistance and frustration. You may even start to feel impatient, especially if you haven’t seen results. This is not the week for big decisions, and self-care is the best way to help you carry over to the next phase.

Waxing Gibbous (typically lasts 5 days)

With lots of self-love and self-care, this new phase is a period of adjustment and refining. This is a perfect opportunity to rework goals that were maybe a little too ambitious. Didn’t meet your target to work out 5 days straight? Commit to doing your workout every other day and go for short walks to fill in the gap.

Full Moon

The full moon brings big emotions and signals a few sleep changes. You might feel overwhelmed and a bit snappier than usual. When feelings of anger and frustration build up, remind yourself that these feelings will pass.

Waning Gibbous (typically lasts 5 days)

You will find yourself beginning to loosen up during this phase. You may feel more open to sharing and you’ll find that during this phase you’ll begin to reap the benefits of the work you have made towards achieving your intentions.

Third-Quarter Moon

During this phase you will want to rid yourself of any grudges or resentful feelings, especially from the harder points of the month. Feelings of cleanliness will be strong as you’ll want to physically and emotionally purge the negativity from your life.

Waning Crescent (7 days)

The final stretch of this lunar cycle will make you feel exhausted, and as you reflect on this past cycle you may feel thoughtful and start to consider what you did well and what you could have done better. Embrace these feelings; each cycle is a chance to learn and grow.

Written by: Tifa Zarabi (

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