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Georgina - Home Sweet Home!

I met Mark & Sheila at one of my Open Houses in Sutton, Jackson’s point. They told me how much they loved the area and spent so much time here. I offered to give them a complementary evaluation of their house in Markham. Jennifer Jones and I went to their house and gave our market evaluation. They made the great choice to list their house with us, sold it within a week! We then found them their current house in Sutton couple weeks after. Here is what they have been experiencing living up in Georgina:

After a day in the city, we drive forty minutes up Highway 404 and exit at Woodbine Avenue, into the Town of Georgina. We look at the sun glistening on snow-covered fields, the open space around us and our shoulders relax. “Home, Sweet Home,” we say every time we turn onto Old Homestead Road or Pollock Road and admire the ever-changing scenery. Or drive along the lake quiet in the winter, busy in the summer. To us, whether it’s Keswick, Jacksons Point, Pefferlaw, or Sutton, it is, “Home Sweet Home.”

We spent years in the town, at the beach, shopping at the farms, and sitting by the Black River. We would drive up to listen to music in the park and watch the stunning sunsets from Willow Wharf. Last May we finally moved to Georgina. There’s a difference between spending time in a small town and living in it. Even though we loved the area and felt at home, it was a big step for us to move from the city. But we were not disappointed. We met the friendliest people and their dogs, always a hello, good morning, good evening on our daily walks around Sutton. A chat over the backyard fence with a neighbour, another drops off a book with walking trails in the area. The tellers at the bank who welcome us by name, the store clerks and cashiers who remember us. Elaine and Sam at the Black River Coffee they always have our coffee ready and on the counter the minute we enter. Sandra at Hutchings Farm, who I message to inquire about eggs. It all makes us feel we belong to the community. And it’s a wonderful community. On summer evenings neighbours gather on their front lawns to visit with each other. Or sit on their porch and observe the daily buzz of activity: The waves from dog walkers and people as they drive by. Group of boys with remote control cars, skateboarders, basketball players having a game on a driveway, and electric teenager girls on bicycles, giggling and yakking. It all takes place in this beautiful town on a backdrop of blue sky, sunshine and leaves rustling in the lake breeze.

Sheila Horne Teixeira

Written by Maryam Koochaki (

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