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Buying a House with a Pool?

With the increased popularity of ‘staycations’, many clients are coming to us looking to purchase homes with pools. Beat the heat and enjoy the outdoors within the safety of your property whenever you want! Sounds like a dream! So now what?

In light of this, here’s a handy list of things to consider when purchasing a house with a pool:

1. Calculate maintenance costs. Your realtor can help provide you with an estimated monthly cost for running a pool so you can incorporate this when budgeting for your next home.

2. Check the overall condition of the pool and all its equipment and accessories. Does the seller have up to date maintenance records? It may be a good idea to hire a pool expert as part of your home inspections.

3. Think about future value. Does a pool increase or decrease value? Does this matter to you? Your realtor can sit down and talk to you about the future implications of owning a house with a pool.

Written By Deanna Hutton (

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