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Basic Principles for Setting Your Mindset to Achieve Anything!

Knowing the “Definite Goal”, the “Why” for what drives your life is the key to achieving anything you can possibly imagine doing. In today’s world we are introduced to new sounds, new ideas at Mach speeds, continuously invading our headspace in the conscious and subconscious bringing so much clutter throughout the day. As a result, it is very difficult to stay focused on our Definite Goal long enough to hold enough energy to spark a flame.

I know that for me, this has been the most challenging of self-tasks throughout my life. I would find myself so frustrated with so many amazing ideas, initiated plans that I went out and bought items for, and programs I started to take my business higher and greater, only to find that after a week the item and plan would be shelved and ready to collect dust until the next time I moved (I move about every 10 years on average).

I have learned through my personal development and business journey that I really ran my life through experiences and not with ANY definite plan or order other than just living in the moment. Taking on business as it came WAS my plan. The fact was that it served me well, so I thought, until it didn’t. I began to realize that all it was doing was serving my undesirable emotions. I was living with the story that I functioned better under pressure, which in fact I did because the thought of not having things piled on my platter of work gave me heartburn and then anxiety wondering where my next transaction would come from, even though they always did come. I became exhausted and I wanted to create my business to not have that feast or famine ideology. When I think back now it was such a crazy way of doing business, however the reality is that a lot of us Entrepreneurs do live that way.

What if you could really create the end goal to be so clear that the “how to do it” wasn’t a concern and that no matter what life came at you, you wouldn’t be prevented from achieving your Definite Goal?

With a little bit of soul searching and setting your mind to believing, you can make amazing things happen for you and your life. Here’s how!

  1. Define what is important to you. What are your strongest values? Then draw your Definite Goal from them.

  2. Then determine what it is that you would like to achieve in your life over the next 3 months, 6 months, year and over the next 5 years.

  3. Next, and this is the Secret Sauce…. Ready?.... sit in a quiet place in a comfortable position and take in a couple of deep good breaths. Begin to take yourself to those completed goal places and stay there until you start to feel the emotions around what you see. If you don’t feel enough excitement to move you, then your goal may be for someone or something else. Adjust until you get to a place that really moves you and gets you excited. Give yourself some time through a week period to determine this for yourself. It’s an important step so don’t rush it.

  4. Then write out declaration statements that you can read out loud, pray over or memorize so that it flows through your mind throughout the day and into the night so that they become a normal part of your message programming.

  5. Create a vision board or type out your declaration statements and keep them beside your bed so that you can read them once before bed and once every morning when you get up.

  6. Write out your action steps each and every day as to what the very best next thing is you must do in order to move toward your goals.

  7. Taking these steps will help you to focus, keep out distractions and add fuel to your journey. You will start to see your goal ideas manifest before your eyes and you have a record of it all happening! You will build confidence and add energy to your life in every area by keeping focused and set on what it is you want!

Can you imagine the world stepping aside for you to pass?

Written by: Grace Simon (

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