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Curb Appeal On A Budget!

When you first step on a property, what does your first impression tell you? Maybe the inside is full of love and personal touches, but the outside has been left in the dust (literally). There are many ways to update Curb Appeal on a Budget. You want the outside of your home to reflect the warmth inside of it and all it has to offer! Don’t let your house be left unnoticed due to lack of updates…or simply some colour!

Think flowers, or maybe a newly painted mailbox! Dust your driveway, rake the leaves, trim the hedges. I’m here to tell you some cheaper ways to make an impression that will last!

DIY Door Wreaths:

What a nice way to welcome guests into your home! Especially if you are putting your house up on the market. Grab some tools, or if you live in the country and can find some grapevine to wind up. Are you a wine drinker and collect corks? Grab a hot glue gun and some tools and have fun making something fancy!

  1. Pick a theme, a season, or a colour scheme

  2. Go to your nearest Michaels or support local with the Georgina Garden Centre or Sutton Home Hardware and gather up some supplies

  3. Pick a nice sunny day to work out in your backyard or deck. If you’re like me and love company, host a wreath making event with some of your friends!

  4. Have fun & be creative!


  • Scissors/Garden Shears

  • Green Wired Wreath/Grapevine/Wine Corks/Etc.

  • Floral Supply Tape Stemwrap in Dark Green

  • Artificial Flowers and Leaves

  • Trinkets or Ribbons, anything your heart desires

  • Pinterest is your best friend on this one!

DIY Potted Planters:

Have an old/outdated planter lying around? Maybe it could use a facelift! Maybe there’s an old wooden stump lying around from that Oak tree you cut down that could be used as a planter base? Or possibly a tire swing hanging from your tree? An old watering can or wheelbarrow? What about a rock garden? The options are endless with this one. You just have to get the creative juices flowing!


  • Planter or object with enough depth to plant in

  • Potting Soil

  • Small planting shovel

  • Gardening Gloves

  • Watering can or hose to keep your art alive

  • A nice sunny, visible spot to lay your work of art!

  • All items can be found at the Sutton Home Hardware

*This blog post is not intended to solicit those home buyers or home sellers that are currently under contract with another realtor

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