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Good Bye Winter Hello SPRING!

It is time... let’s get do a deep Spring clean....

Ready set let’s go....

Make a schedule so you can prepare yourself to do your cleaning, block out the time for each task.. it will help you to be less overwhelmed with the work ahead.. put on your favourite tunes.. have that can do attitude, ask for help from family and now let’s Deep Clean!

Important tasks at hand for a through spring clean:

  1. Change your winter flannel sheets to cool light cotton sheets for the warmer temperatures ahead

  2. Change your furnace filter, and give all ceiling light fixtures a good dusting

  3. Wipe down all your baseboards (using a magic eraser will work wonders)

  4. Clean windows inside and out , launder all window treatments

  5. Vacuum under all larger furniture pieces and get those dust bunnies that decided to make their home there

  6. Declutter your fridge, pantry, cupboards and get rid of all the old expired foods ( you will be surprised how many expired food products you have accumulated)

  7. Deep clean around and behind your toilets (nasty job but must be done)

  8. Clean and freshen up your mattress, sprinkle lightly baking soda on your mattress and allow the baking soda to sit for a few minutes and then vacuum it up ( baking soda helps remove bad smells)

  9. Patio Furniture..get a good scrub brush and a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.. use some good old elbow grease and scrub away all debris that has accumulated over the winter and then wash off with warm water

  10. Put on your rubber boots go outside and rake out all the dead debris that good old father winter has left behind

Now when you are done, sit and relax and read or just be in peaceful bliss in your clean de-cluttered space and be still and LOVE YOUR HOME! HAPPY SPRING!


*Please note, this blog is not intended to solicit those home buyers or home sellers that are under a current agency agreement.

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